Chapter 5 - Page 25

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Author's Comments:

Reply Sol, 19 Dec 2007

This is the reason why this Chapter is called "The Proposition". I like the line at the end of this page.

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Reply K.K., 19 Dec 2007

Lone was supposed to be in this page, but I decided to make it a spotlight on Shutendoji and just make it from Lone's point of view. Also, in that bottom right panel, Shutendoji is supposed to be turning, to leave the city.

Yes, I like the line, too, sort of. Though in typical bad guy form we just realized that Shutendoji spent like 2 or 3 pages now just monologuing, with the odd "I... I..." from Lone.

Reply K.K., 05 Jan 2008

On further inspection... I forgot to draw the city XD

User's Comments:

Reply CPD, 07 Jan 2008

I would join him.

Reply Jack14456, 08 Jan 2008

Screw that! Join with the demons? Phht! I'd rather find my way to Redemption and continue kicking ass.

Reply Sol, 08 Jan 2008

Would make an interesting poll. Would you accept or decline Shutendoji's offer?

Reply K.K., 09 Jan 2008

Uh, why wouldn't you. He's a bad-ass demon, and apparently he has hot demon-chicks who can transform into humans? Power + Women... I'd assume money is in there somewhere, if necessary.

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