Chapter 5 - Page 26

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Reply Sol, 20 Dec 2007

It's a little difficult to see, but that's Lone pulling out a dagger from his cloak. Every self respecting Swordsman carries a back up weapon, which can also be used for a surprise attack. One of my favorite instances of that was from Samurai Champloo. Awesome series. If you haven't seen it yet, then go watch it!

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Reply K.K., 21 Dec 2007

Huh, it IS a bit hard to see ^^" Sorry guys.

The question is - why didn't he use it before on his enemies?

Reply Sol, 21 Dec 2007

Because I hadn't wrote it into the story yet.

Uhh, I mean.... he had no reason to use it before! Yeah, that's totally the reason.

But seriously, when I first wrote this Chapter, he used The Avenger here instead, but I felt it just wasn't practical for what he's about to do. So I re-wrote that part to make sense. This won't be the last we'll see of the Dagger though.

The Dagger would be inefficient against Demons anyways, as it's not imbued with holy energy like The Avenger is. He just has it to defend himself if he gets disarmed. Not that Lone can't handle himself in unarmed combat, mind you.

Reply Sol, 09 Jan 2008

I wonder if anyone caught that the hands of blood was foreshadowing this back in Chapter 4.

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Reply CPD, 09 Jan 2008

Sypher to the rescue. XD

I freakin love Samurai Champloo!

Reply amjam, 09 Jan 2008

Obviously it was foreshadowing blood on his hands, but I would never be this specific.

Also, HOORAY! I've missed Sypher talking and being important. Lone should at least appreciate him and let him eat the bodies.

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