Chapter 5 - Page 27

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Reply Sol, 20 Dec 2007

Lone looks good in that third panel.

Lone went all emo and cut himself... a lot. But seriously, it was the only way he could think of to show The Avenger that he was truly regretful for the sins he committed. The sword has accepted this sacrifice, and is willing to give him a second chance.

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Reply K.K., 21 Dec 2007

Sword not included.

Oh, we at The Lone Swordsman only condone cutting yourself if it's the ONLY way your magic sword will forgive you. REMEMBER, most people like you for who you are, not because you'll go insane for them. Maybe.

This was 3 pages on the storyboard combined, so it's a bit cramped. Action scenes coming up, so expect those to be a bit more spaced out.

That is all.

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Reply Jack14456, 11 Jan 2008

It kinda maks some sense. But the only thing is, being emo sucks. I don't really like the whinny-complainy emo kids.

Reply Sol, 11 Jan 2008

Me neither. I wouldn't really describe Lone as "emo" though. Him cutting himself had nothing "emo" about it. It was just a joke, really.

Oh, and because I don't think I ever mentioned this on Smackjeeves, but my youngest step brother is emo. I laugh at him. I'm just glad I don't live with him.

Reply CPD, 11 Jan 2008

Lone in this page reminds me of the albino guy from The DaVinci Code.

Reply jaffar255, 11 Jan 2008

He seriously killed that many people? Is this over the entire period of the comic or just in that town? Because if it was only in that town, I think that number is a bit much, just me though.

Reply Sol, 11 Jan 2008

It's not much at all. It seems like it, but he wiped out the entire population in that town. Just over 17,000 people isn't that high of a population.

Reply amjam, 12 Jan 2008


Well, that was random. It's not like he'd die of blood loss or anything.

Reply Sol, 12 Jan 2008

That's what Sypher's there for.

Reply ienmdb, 18 Jan 2008 he sticking his middle finger at Shutendoji? Haha.

Reply Sol, 19 Jan 2008

I kept waiting for someone to point that out...

Reply Kaitousblackwings, 11 Jul 2008

OMG Lone looks so freaking bad-ass in panel three! I can't believe he flips off Shutendoji. XDDDDDDDD

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