Chapter 5 - Page 28

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Reply Sol, 23 Dec 2007

You probably can't tell what's going on in that first panel... Shutendoji attempted to slash Lone, but Lone blocked the initial attack (hence Shutendoji's line), but then Shutendoji struck at Lone with his second sword.

Yeah, this page is a little crowded, so you can't really see it at all. This is another merged page.

So, this page answers a question that no one asked, but I'm sure more than one of person was wondering. Yes, the Demons were not at their full potential. Shutendoji is one of the few exceptions to this rule. And he's far stronger than a full power Elite Demon. So, if what Shutendoji is saying is true, then.....

Well, Lone may be in trouble.

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Reply K.K., 23 Dec 2007

For the first panel, it seemed like an unnecessary one... >.< just to remind you that the big bad demon dude has 2 swords, that's all...

I actually prefer the cluttered pages. Feels more suited to webcomics - after all, you don't want to have to wait like 3 days to find out what happens in the next scene, right? I'd rather have the thing jam-packed, even if it IS a bit cluttered... but another part of it is that I'm probably STILL making the font too big and the page dimensions too small...

Ah, whatever... As long as we get to part 6 and we get characters OTHER than Lone and Sypher walking around. I'm getting sick of drawing that cloak.

Reply Sol, 24 Dec 2007

This was originally Page 34 and Page 35 of the storyboards. And the original storyboards had this Chapter pegged at 45 pages. That means there isn't a whole lot left to go in this chapter.

A reminder to people wanting a voice acting role in the upcoming Chapter 6! Auditions are only open until February 1st, so send them in soon!

Oh, and I forgot some parts/lines. It will probably just be easier if I direct you to the page where I posted them (I posted the auditions on both the VAA and the VAC)


That includes Voice Types in that thread as well as which emotion to use for each line.

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