Chapter 5 - Page 32

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Reply K.K., 06 Jan 2008

Goku, eat your heart out.

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Reply Sol, 07 Jan 2008

Lone = screwed. Shutendoji just stopped his best move with one finger. Lone's Clan has been around for a long time, and Shutendoji has existed for even longer. The Spirit Slash isn't so uncommon among members of Lone's Clan, so that's really what Shutendoji is referring to here.

User's Comments:

Reply Jack14456, 23 Jan 2008

Uhh... time for a new move? Or maybe 12 Lones doing the same move... Hmm...

Reply amjam, 23 Jan 2008

Or maybe Lone needs to go super-saiyan.

Reply jaffar255, 23 Jan 2008

That was a very Dragon Ball Z-ish xD

The only problem is, I personally think, regardless of how well the demon knows Lone's attack, I doubt he could block it with just ONE finger. I'd guess AT LEAST 2 :/

Reply K.K., 23 Jan 2008

But he's King demon...

Reply Sol, 24 Jan 2008

It was already stated the massive power difference between Elite Demons and Shutendoji. A full power Elite can decimate 1,000 Angels. Shutendoji is far stronger than that. The Demons Lone have been fighting have not been anywhere near full power.


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