Chapter 5 - Page 34

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Reply Sol, 12 Jan 2008

Lone uses Splitter's power for the first time, and escapes with it.

For those of you wondering, Lone will not be able to use the Devil's Necklace on the same level that Splitter could. Only Splitter could use it to it's full potential.

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Reply K.K., 13 Jan 2008

I actually drew this to spec, too. Exactly 12 Lone's!

You know how the demons have "human" forms? I have one of Shutendoji hehehe... T_T for some reason, he came out looking like a cross between Vegeta and M.Bison...

User's Comments:

Reply Jack14456, 27 Jan 2008

Haha. I remember M. Bison. Damn Street Fighter!

Reply Reputator, 28 Jan 2008

Hmm, what good would running do? Wouldn't he just chase after him?


Reply K.K., 28 Jan 2008

Chasing isn't very befitting for an 8 foot monstrosity.

Reply Reputator, 28 Jan 2008

Well he could just sorta appear like before. :p "Chasing" is more a figure of speech, in his case.

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