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Reply Sol, 12 Jan 2008

Part 1 is finally complete! It took us a year and a half and 170 pages, but Part 1 is in the books.

I would like to thank our fans for their continued readership. If you liked Part 1, even slightly, well, then I did my job.

But god am I glad Part 1 is over. I have been hyping Part 2 for a very long time. And it's about to begin. I'm pretty hyped.

Despite how long Part 1 seemed to drag for me, I had a few people say that it was very rushed. Maybe it was... I know some people would love to see some back story for Lone. Well, it's a little difficult to do back story when Lone doesn't even remember the vast majority of his past.

But we will see Lone's past in Chapter 7.

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Reply K.K., 13 Jan 2008

AND more characters. Cuz really, having Lone, Sypher, then possibly Celene for like 3 pages and whichever demon du jour isn't really a full ensemble.

Reply Sol, 13 Jan 2008

Indeed. There will practically be a new character introduced in almost every chapter of Part 2. Part 2 mainly focuses on introducing the whole cast and developing all of the characters.

Oh, and this is your last chance to audition for Chapter 6!

Reply Sol, 29 Jan 2008

TLS Trading Card Game I developed the rules for one, as well as wrote up the three available Starter Decks. I'll probably write up the first Set of Booster Packs too. (which is based on Part 1)

Thing is, while I quite like the concept of it, actually being able to do anything with it is pretty much slim to none.

Ideally, I would have it as a free online game, where you start with a Starter Deck of your choice, and then you earn one free Booster per win, or you can save up 3 Wins to buy a new Starter. And then you would have the option of donating money to buy Packs/Starters as well.

But, it would require a pretty good and professional programming job for that.

Regardless, here's a link to the rules and the Starters. I haven't made the Booster for Set 1 yet though. TLS TCG Game

Oh, and as should be obvious, it hasn't been tested, so the damage/HP values are estimates.

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Reply Jack14456, 30 Jan 2008

WOOO! Congratulations guys. It's been an awesome comic thus far, and I'm expecting no less from part 2. I'm glad I could read the comic as I have, and witness the plot unfold. Good job, guys, and keep it up!

Reply CPD, 30 Jan 2008

Alright! Part 1 was awesome and I bet part 2 is going to be even better. Can't wait to read it!

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to reread part 1.

Reply K.K., 30 Jan 2008

Don't bother. Part 2 is a ton better. All you need to know from part 1 is that Lone is pretty badass and can beat up demons, who are out to get him.

That trading card game sounds cool, but also looks uber complicated. But Sol has some basic basic programming knowledge, so if he put his mind into it, he could probably whip up a little C++ application that could do it.

Reply Sol, 30 Jan 2008

it's not really that complicated... and even if I did program a C++ program, the most I could do is allow you to face a CPU. It doesn't have online capabilities.

Reply K.K., 30 Jan 2008

Hmm... flash based programming?

Reply Sol, 31 Jan 2008

Flash might work, but I know absolutely nothing about Flash.

Reply Reputator, 31 Jan 2008

Guys, good job on part 1, and I'm especially looking forward to part 2 for obvious reasons. But also to see more character development and everything else you guys are saying about it. Sounds cool.

Reply amjam, 01 Feb 2008


Uh, no comment.

Might enjoy the card game if it happens though.

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