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Reply Sol, 20 Jan 2008

Part 2 is here!!! Well, sort of. I suppose you could say the official start of Part 2 is on Monday. But this is the Chapter cover of Part 2/Chapter 6.

Chapter 6, as you can probably tell, features Stephanie Espoir's first official appearance and the start of her becoming a main character.

Also, we'll FINALLY learn Lone's real name!

I'm hoping that I'll have the Voice Acting ready by the next page. But if I fail to get it done in time, I apologize. It's something relatively new I'm trying.

Part 2 is one of my most favourite. I don't want to say too much at this point, but as said before, there will practically be a new character revealed in almost every chapter.

Part 2 should be far more refreshing and interesting than Part 1 was. So, I hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and this Chapter is 30 pages in length. Part 2 will probably feature around 20-30 page Chapters. (that's what I'm aiming for, anyways) Despite this, I don't think Part 2 will feel as rushed as Part 1 was. Maybe because it has twice as many, if not more, Chapters.

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Reply K.K., 20 Jan 2008

THAT many?... damn...

Well, yet another different drawing style for a cover... it changes almost every time... It's more of a sketchy "airbrush" feel but I guess it doesn't really convey it. Really, it was more of an excuse to try to draw her from behind...

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Reply amjam, 01 Feb 2008


Reply Reputator, 01 Feb 2008

I like it KK, mostly because I like the rough sketch look. It's more organic.

Sol certainly seems excited for P2, and it's contagious.

Reply K.K., 01 Feb 2008


And, yeah, I love the rough sketch look because that's how I really draw... The colored in stuff is sorta really different than what I normally do. Actually, there's a page coming up that is a lot more like what I really draw - you'll know it when you see it because it's almost Film-Noir style

I miss some of our regular commentators. *sigh* They were anonymous, they were legion.

Reply The Apprentice, 03 Feb 2008

I like this style too.

I'm also glad we will finally have new characters in the comic.

Sol, this is Jaffar, member my new comic? I'm going under an alias for it ;)

Reply CPD, 03 Feb 2008

Sweet chapter page.

Can't wait!

Reply amjam, 04 Feb 2008

Like, 'okay'. k kay. kae. kai. ka-eee. XDD

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