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Reply Sol, 26 Jan 2008

I must say, Reputator, DAMN does that look good!

Thank you VERY much for the fan art!

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Reply K.K., 26 Jan 2008

Whoa, dude, how long did this take?

Hey, Sol, it looks like that demon stole Lone's dagger. Guess this is why he didn't throw it at any of them before.

Reply Sol, 26 Jan 2008

I already stated that a Dagger from the Material Plane would have no effect against a Demon. Only Demonic or Angelic/Holy weapons can damage Angels/Demons. (Yes, their own type can damage them)

He will use it though... eventually... for a reason other than cutting himself.

User's Comments:

Reply Reputator, 26 Jan 2008

Thank you! It's been a long time since I picked up a pencil like this. I didn't want just a generic pose, I wanted something that almost had a story, and showed Lone's struggle.

Not much else to say on it, really.

KK, a couple days.

Reply amjam, 26 Jan 2008

Very cool. It looks great, and really expresses the theme of the story so far. I think you captured that well. ^^ And great pose.

Reply K.K., 26 Jan 2008

I'd give it a 5 but they won't let me rate my own comics, hah

Reply Kaitousblackwings, 13 Jul 2008

LOL K.K., I gave it a five for you. XDDDDDDDD

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