Chapter 6 - Page 3

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Reply Sol, 28 Jan 2008

Audio Track

Chapter 6 - Page 3 Credits

Sypher: Sol

Lone: Reputator

Souls, in order: Maufii (x2), Reputator, Zelahn

I probably put too much into this page too. It's a little hard to see, but the text for the souls says "Kill him! That's all you're good for anyways! Murderer! Kill him!"

Of course, you'd know this already if you listened to the Voice Acting for this page.

If anyone has any good background music they think suits TLS, feel free to send me some. I don't have much I can use.

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Reply K.K., 28 Jan 2008

This was originally 4 panels, but I had no idea why the "Kill him" stuff in the background needed a whole extra panel from Lone's "shut up" so... I merged those panels together.

His mouth is funny. It was meant to be. But I think I'm not going to do it anymore. It's a bit of a shortcut and it's supposed to be humorous, but it gets old fast.

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Reply Reputator, 06 Feb 2008

It flows better when you go back one page then read this one. At first I just read the latest page but I wasn't sure how it went along with the previous one. Just have to remember to refresh my memory.

For music, I just used the OST to Bioshock in the little remix I did. 2K Boston released it for free.

Obviously it's not going to fit every mood though.

Reply CPD, 06 Feb 2008

I like the voices for Sypher and Lone. They fit well with their character, although Sypher sounds a lot like Golem.

Reply Sol, 07 Feb 2008

I originally based Sypher off of Gollum (Smeagol in particular) (not Dobby, as popular opinion believes), and modified him a bit. So, that's why I kind of envision his voice like that.

I'm glad you like my voice for Sypher though. And I'm glad you like my choice for Lone. You'll be able to hear them in better detail next page, as there will be monologues from both of them.

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