Chapter 6 - Page 4

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Reply Sol, 28 Jan 2008

Audio Track

Credits for Chapter 6 - Page 4

Sypher: Sol

Lone: Reputator

I LOVE Reputator's emotion in this one. He does an awesome job with the monologue.

This page feels a lot better. Mind you, it was a merger, so K.K. gets the credit here. I think I have a better idea now of how to write the Storyboards.

I really like this page, mainly because it reminds people that Lone is just 17 years old, who was suddenly given this tremendous burden, and has seen more death in his life than probably anyone. (Including a lot of people that HE killed)

It's also been the first real time where Lone has actually cared about learning his real name XD. It also brings into speculation that Lone's memories may not be real, and could be the memories of one of the souls he's absorbed.

Now you know why I didn't give any back story to our hero at the beginning of the story.

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Reply K.K., 28 Jan 2008

I have to agree. This page was a LOT better in my opinion. It reflects in the time I had to put in to draw it, because it was a bit more labor intensive (finding out the lighting for panel 2, especially, and blurring the background in panel 1, was a bit more difficult that I would have liked) - either of the things I did on their own wouldn't be hard, but doing it in a way that captures the scene and doesn't screw up his face or hands is actually kinda hard.

He's in a grassy field, and there was supposed to be a panel of him pulling up his hood. But really, I put it up and down so often at random, I don't think anybody really cares if we show a scene of him pulling it up.

I'm probably going to merge the next 2 pages as well, but I'm thinking of how to set it up so it doesn't look repetitive, because Sol has it as 2 pages that have an almost cloned scene in it...

Reply K.K., 28 Jan 2008

Note* He's a lot more buff at 17 than I've ever been in my life. I didn't draw him childish enough. So I guess instead of Goku, we can call him Gohan~ But that would imply that his dad won all the time at random like Goku did, and seeing as he got whupped in one page, I guess it's not very apt.

Reply Sol, 28 Jan 2008

Well, Lone IS incredibly strong. And technically he's lost twice now. He lost back in Chapter 3 as well to that Elite Demon's Dark Slash that nearly killed him.

Reply K.K., 28 Jan 2008

Well, Gohan loses too! I was just implying that Lone's FATHER is more of a loser than Goku is, that's all

Need to figure out a way to embed those audio tracks, there, Sol, cuz it's weird listening to it without having the comic in front of it.

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Reply CPD, 08 Feb 2008

Great voice acting, great page! Lovin it!

And what K.K. said about the embed audio stuff, I just open up another page of the actual comic and another for the audio (just a solution for anybody who wanted both at once)

Just an observation, but you guys are really bringing in a lot fans lately.

P.S. check it out. I thought you guys might be interested[/url]

Reply Sol, 08 Feb 2008

Yeah, I've noticed we've been gaining a lot of new fans. Not many new commentators though.

I submitted Lone to that thing you posted.

And yeah, I just right click on the link to the audio and click on "Open in New Tab" or in New Window, depending on your browser, and it works fine.

Reply Reputator, 08 Feb 2008

Thanks guys. I put a lot of "feeling" into this one. I'm glad people like how it came through.

This one would REALLY benefit from background music.

Reply K.K., 08 Feb 2008

I still don't like opening up a new tab though haha

Reply Sol, 08 Feb 2008

@ Reputator: I was thinking the same thing, but I was afraid of ruining the mood. Maybe when I have a chance, I'll try making some BGM's.

@ K.K.: That's because you're lazy.

Reply Reputator, 09 Feb 2008

Well didn't you mention once you thought you might put the tracks together at the end of the chapter? You could have one big "episode" and mix in the music then. That would be a nice capstone to the arc.

Reply Sol, 09 Feb 2008

Yeah, that was my thought as well.

I should try and find a good battle theme as well.

Reply K.K., 09 Feb 2008

Ahaha, you shouldn't call the person drawing a backlog of your comics lazy. It promotes laziness.

Yeah, yeah, I'm going to get right back on that.

Reply Kaitousblackwings, 13 Jul 2008

O_O R-Reputator's got a real sexy voice.... O_o;;;;; And it fits Lone really well too.....

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