Chapter 6 - Page 5

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Reply Sol, 28 Jan 2008

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Credits for Chapter 6 - Page 5

Lone: Reputator

Sypher: Sol

Woman: Cheza

Sorry this one took so long to get up. Cheza is fine now. The word "collapsed" kind of got bungled on my line, mainly because I had to do this line over and over again because it kept not recording various parts properly, and I'd have to redo the whole thing. This was the best I got after like 15 tries.

Looks like Lone will have to investigate that City whether he wants to or not.

But yeah, what he did to himself will have repercussions, as it has dealt permanent damage to his arm. What will this mean for our hero? Only time will tell.

In other news, because I am insane, I've been developing yet another story idea lately in my mind. I REALLY wish I had the artistic talent to draw out some of these ideas myself <.<. In working out some ideas for this story, it's actually flowing in a completly opposite direction then what I usually do. Usually I focus on characters first, and then spread outwards. This time, I've been focusing on developing the World itself. I haven't thought of the characters quite yet. Well, I thought of one who greatly amuses me, but I wouldn't want him as the main protagonist. So far the working title for it is "The Assassin's Mask", and it takes place in a world where Assassin's are common, and they wield mystical masks that can alter their appearances and abilities for a short time, and have several other rules. The story would mainly focus around the "Eight God Masks", powerful Masks that break all of the rules. Anyways, just thought I'd share that with you guys and girls. Not sure if I'll do anything with it though. I've still got a lot of developing to do on it.

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Reply K.K., 29 Jan 2008

Yet another page that once was twain, but now together again~

Uh... I meant I merged it. :3

Anyways, there were some discrepencies with the storyboards, so there's some artistic license. Anyways, at least the comic is speeding up... the one great thing about merged pages... Sol has a tendency to go a bit long at times when there's no need, though in this case, it was 2 pages because there was so much talking involved.

I think you all get the picture though

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Reply Cheza (Guest), 23 Feb 2008

Lol I can't scream ^_^;;

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