Chapter 6 - Page 6

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Reply K.K., 05 Feb 2008

Not really much going on here... The demons actually took a while to do. I didn't just hit the copy button for once, so I had to draw them together...

Oh, and a happy birthday shout out goes here. You know who I mean.

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Reply Sol, 05 Feb 2008

Ask a Character! Audio Track

Credits for Chapter 6 - Page 6

Sypher: Sol

Lone: Reputator

Woman: Cheza

Yeah, I don't have much to say about this page. However, I would like to open something up to the fans in a way to try and incite more comments.

If you have a question for any of the TLS Characters, just post a comment with your question, and that Character will answer it next page. I won't have an actual comic page each time for this, that'd be silly, they'll just respond in my comments.

Questions may include what their hobbies are, what kind of food they like, etc. Just remember, they can't answer a question that they don't know the answer to. Such as "What's going to happen next" or, in Lone's case right now, what his childhood was like.

I'm hoping this will spark some new commenters, and that I'll see some interesting questions.

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Reply amjam, 13 Feb 2008

I wonder if it's Stephanie or someone who knows her. ¬,¬

Reply Reputator, 13 Feb 2008

She must really be sick.

Reply K.K., 14 Feb 2008

This template looks a lot like the old site haha. Jet black all over.

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