Chapter 6 - Page 8

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Reply Sol, 15 Feb 2008

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Princess: Cheza

I wonder if anyone sees some resemblance. One yellow eye and one red eye, a flaming tiara... hmmm...

In case anyone noticed, Demons with Yellow eyes are soldiers. Those with Red eyes are Generals. And those with one of each... well, they are the royal family.

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Reply K.K., 15 Feb 2008

I have absolutely nothing to say here. Have a good spring break, everyone.

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Reply jaffar255, 17 Feb 2008

Wasn't there a guy in the royal family that could change his body form...? first glance, I thought she was a demon hooker xD

Reply Sol, 18 Feb 2008

Haha, yeah, her clothes are rather tattered, aren't they?

And, well, all Demons have a Human form. They just rarely use it. The only Demon we've seen in Human form so far is Maeva, and she's a Second Class Demon who works under Kratos.

Reply CPD, 19 Feb 2008

Yay! The first girl Demon in demon form.

I wonder why Lone is smiling?

Reply Sol, 19 Feb 2008

I guess it's not as obvious as I thought it was. Lone's smiling a bit wickedly, with intent to kill.

Reply jaffar255, 19 Feb 2008

I thought it was intent for something else...

Nevermind me.

Reply Sol, 20 Feb 2008

Oh yeah, forgot to mention. While technically this is the first time we've seen a female Demon in the comic itself, a wallpaper was made of Maeva that also showed her Demon Form, that some people have seen.

One of the Generals, who will appear in this Chapter, is a female Demon as well.

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