Chapter 6 - Page 10

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Reply Sol, 17 Feb 2008

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Credits for Chapter 6 - Page 10

Lone: Reputator

Stephanie: Cheza

This is Stephanie's first "official" appearance. Yay!

In my original writing, I had an interesting internal monologue here for Lone that expressed what he's feeling in that 3rd panel. I omitted it from the comic, because it was fairly long and not suited for a comic, but I feel like sharing it here for you.

“Who are you…?” Those words echoed in my head, pulling at my heartstrings until I felt my heart fall out of my chest. It was then that I realized something. Who am I? A wandering swordsman seeking salvation? Who am I? A tortured soul seeking to save that which he cannot? Who am I?

“I… don’t know,” I responded in realization.

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Reply K.K., 17 Feb 2008

She looks good in panel 2. That's probably a fluke.

Welcome to General Hospital: The Lone Swordsman version. The next few pages are going to be caked with melodrama.

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Reply BlizzardComics, 21 Feb 2008

wow Your art has improved so much, guys!! The story is making a little more sense...kinda.
you're doing so great!

Reply Reputator, 21 Feb 2008

Hopefully everyone will find that the acting doesn't sound too melodramatic.

Reply K.K., 22 Feb 2008

@ BlizzardComics

Yeah, that's probably a fluke, but thanx.

Reply CPD, 22 Feb 2008

The whole page is well drawn, especially panel 2.

If this was a fluke, then I hope there will be more of them.

Reply jaffar255, 22 Feb 2008

Yeah, this page is really well drawn. Good job KK.

Aside from that, I think the girl doing the voice over for Stephanie sounds like Collete from Tales of Symphonia :o

Reply Sol, 22 Feb 2008

ToS is one of my favourite RPG's. I can't wait for the sequel to come out soon.

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