Chapter 6 - Page 12

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Reply Sol, 20 Feb 2008

IT'S REVEALED!!! Audio Track

Credits for Chapter 6 - Page 12

Stephanie: Cheza

Kai: Reputator

Sypher: Sol

Lone's real name has officially been now revealed as Kai Ren. I hope no one is disappointed in the name, I quite like it myself. The name "Kai" is becoming more and more popular in comics, it seems, but I came up with this name about... 4 years ago. Maybe a bit more. So, before it became wildly popular <.<.

I'm very glad that I can now call him by his real name. I realize that a lot of you will still call him Lone for awhile, but I hope you'll start to call him by his real name. Because I'll be calling him Kai from now on.

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Reply K.K., 21 Feb 2008

I hope people appreciate how difficult it was to line up the bottom corner panels. If Sypher wasn't in the way, that'd be one flawless picture.

I realize it would have been easier to draw the picture as one and then split it in two. Sadly, I was not that creative, so that did not happen.

I'd also like to point out how funny it is that he remembers Stephanie's name but not his own. Talk about hormone driven. I guess we can all assume that Stephanie is the "End Girl" now. XD Which is fine by me, I get the feeling she's one of the more likable girls in the story anyways.

Reply Sol, 21 Feb 2008

*laughs* If you want the official "story" reason why he remembered her name, it's because he clinged to it. Finding Stephanie, the only person he still knew, was the only thing that kept him going. If it weren't for his memories of Stephanie, he probably would have joined Shutendoji. It's explained slightly better later on in this Chapter.

User's Comments:

Reply Reputator, 27 Feb 2008

I liked Cheza's performance here. She finally had some real lines to flex her acting muscles with, and she ran off with it.

I also like my performance too. :p

Reply CPD, 27 Feb 2008

I hope Sypher doesn't go! He's my favorite character.

Reply amjam, 27 Feb 2008

Sypher should stay. And he shall.
I'll still call him Lone. I've known his name for a while (since I was one person who was interested in the early page redraw and his actual name is on the script you sent me) but as interesting as his name is, I prefer Lone. It also feels more natural to me, after this time with the comic.

Reply Sol, 27 Feb 2008

>.< Totally didn't realize that. Oh well. Thanks for not leaking it.

Reply jaffar255, 27 Feb 2008

Yeah, I also knew his name. You accidently told me one time on MSN without you really noticing it I think haha.

I sorta feel like amjam about this, along the lines of still calling him Lone. I'll probably start calling him Kai though..

Nice drawings on this page KK, and I too hope Sypher stays.

Because everytime I hear him(Sol :p) talk on the voice script thing, I laugh. I think it's funny how you voice him, sounds sorta like Golem from LotR :p

Reply Pandachu, 27 Feb 2008

HOORAY! :D I like how it's simple. :3 Long, complex names that sound like a bunch of small names stuck together are confusing! >_<'l|l' (can't wait to play as kai in smack bros.! D: )

Reply Sol, 27 Feb 2008

@ Jaffar: >.< Did I really? Geez, I'm careless. I doubt I would have mentioned his last name though. Also, I'm glad you like my voice for Sypher. Haha, you'll really get to see my range later on, as I'll also be voicing Aven and Kratos.

@Pandachu: Glad you like his name! I look forward to playing as my own character as well.

Reply K.K., 28 Feb 2008

I like how nobody ever gets his shirt right, cuz I drew him looking a bit like a slob with one side not tucked in.

XD no offense to the Smack Bros. fans, but Kai Ren looks like he's the uber-cheap overpowered character in the game. They should throw in Kratos or something just to even the damn thing out.

Reply jaffar255, 28 Feb 2008

Yeah, I would agree. He's fast and has like the longest reach in the game. Thats like unheard of in games. He's gonna be probably the best character, that is, unless I choose to send one of my characters >: D

Reply CPD, 28 Feb 2008

Kai is deffinetly going to be interesting to play as.

Reply Kaitousblackwings, 13 Jul 2008

LOL Smack Bros. say what? 8D

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