Chapter 6 - Page 14

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Reply Sol, 20 Feb 2008

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Stephanie: Cheza

This is more of a set up page, and also explains their surroundings a bit. Not much to it, but I thought the hideout was rather clever.

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Reply K.K., 21 Feb 2008

Lone... errr, Kai... has been sighing a lot lately, and yet NOW is the first time I whip out the anime-mushroom sigh. Whatever. She was supposed to be "pleased" but I thought her being sorta "Meh" about it being a drug hideout was better.

Quiz: What time is this comic set in? Is it futuristic? (if so, then is there a reason he doesn't have a gun?) or is it like oldentimey? (if so, why is there a drug hideout like in a mafia movie?)

Lawl, I hope Sol doesn't answer, cuz I want to see what other people think. I'm guessing it's modern day to a bit more futuristic, and that Kai's just a weirdo using a sword instead of a gun cuz of some property of the demons.

But hey, I'm just the artist, how am I supposed to know the intricacies of Sol's labyrinthine mind.

Reply Sol, 21 Feb 2008

As per K.K.'s request, I'll wait a bit before answering this. I will state that a hint has been already stated within the comic itself.

Reply K.K., 22 Feb 2008

I really should pay more attention when I draw them if it's already been stated, cuz I don't remember

Reply Sol, 25 Feb 2008

Haha, it was a long time ago, so I don't blame you.

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Reply CPD, 03 Mar 2008

My guess is that the setting is so far into the future that man has reverted back to swords and bows.

I had this same problem trying to figure out the time area with Dragonball Z. There are dinosaurs walking around, but also flying cars, guns, and half animal human things. There's probably a real time set in the series, but I'm too lazy to find it.

Reply Sol, 03 Mar 2008

My personal theory about DBZ is that it occurred far far in the past, and the planet's life got wiped out by a meteor or something, which wiped out all the futuristic technology.

Reply Reputator, 03 Mar 2008

I figured Kai was the only one who used a sword.

Reply K.K., 03 Mar 2008

All the Angel and Demon baddies have swords too. Though I think I remember the soldier had a gun.

For DBZ, I figured it was in the future, but that they either re-bioengineered dinosaurs, or the lizards evolved.

Well, it was also hard to think it was "Earth" since it's a show about aliens and stuff. Dinosaurs are supposedly not a common thing in DBZ (since there was a whole arc about a dinosaur being kidnapped) so it's sort of like Goku just lives so far out of the way that dinosaurs exist with nobody noticing.

Reply Reputator, 03 Mar 2008

Well I just kinda thought, well, angels and demons, of course they use swords. The only other human that used a sword was Kai's father, but...well you know. I mean they have swordsmen NOW, they just don't typically kill people that way. Mostly they make Captain Jack Sparrow look like he knows what he's doing on the big screen.

Reply Sol, 04 Mar 2008

It was stated on Chapter 1 - Page 2 that the Ren Clan line has consisted of a long line of master swordsmen, and even when guns were invented, they kept to their ways, developing techniques to counter such "dishonorable weapons". Some examples of these techniques we've already seen, such as the Return to Sender and the Whirling Shield.

Reply Kaitousblackwings, 13 Jul 2008

LOL *cheers * Sol's last comment made me happy, because I remembered that line very explicitly. XP And to think, even the artist couldn't remember! (though granted, I did only read that page a few days ago.... ^_^; ) ((well that high was short lived *laughs * ))

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