Chapter 6 - Page 18

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Reply Sol, 07 Mar 2008

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Credits for Chapter 6 - Page 18

Kai: Reputator

Stephanie: Cheza

Kai just basically told the entire story of Part 1 to Stephanie (in my original writing, I had a long re-cap monologue for Kai, but I omitted it for the comic.) This is also one of the few non dialogue boxes in Part 2. They were pretty frequent in Part 1, but I'll be using them rather sparingly in Part 2.

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Reply K.K., 08 Mar 2008

It's 4 panels, not 2. I have those lines there to separate different pictures, so it was not a mistake. Just so we're clear.

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Reply Reputator, 11 Mar 2008

We all know the real reason Kai doesn't remove his hood is because he hasn't combed and showered in over a year. :p

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Reply Sol, 12 Mar 2008

*laughs* It's so true. Although in the actual comic, it's only been about a month since it all started.

Reply jaffar255, 13 Mar 2008

A month?! All of this has happened in ONE month?

I would never have guessed >>

But seriously, hes gotta be smelleh. She probably is too, ewww.

Nice page guys.

Reply Sol, 14 Mar 2008

Actually, Stephanie is fine. This will become evident in a few pages. And were you surprised at how it took only one month, or that it took one month? I'm assuming it's the former. But yeah, I don't think it'd be humanely possible for Kai to last any longer than a month with next to no sleep.

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