Chapter 6 - Page 20

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Reply Sol, 15 Mar 2008

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Credits for Chapter 6 - Page 20

Stephanie: Cheza

Kai: Reputator

So yeah, I kind of gave away the reveal earlier about the time frame that the events of the previous events took earlier. But it's not that big of a deal.

I am SOOOO behind right now. I might be late with getting voices for Chapter 7, because I'm still writing it. Smash!

Chapter 7 might be a long one. But it should be an interesting one. There's a lot I want to show in it, so yeah.

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Reply K.K., 16 Mar 2008

He knows I hate long chapters...

Augh, and he's not the only one behind. I have wayyyyy to much stuff to do and nowhere NEAR enough time to do it... Unlike Sol, I barely have time to play Smash, other than to get my butt thoroughly kicked cuz I have no time to practice. I like Zelda, but she's not exactly a "beginner" character, sadly.

Also, I gave Stephanie glossy pink lipstick/gloss in the last panel. Barely visible, but it adds a nice touch - I may do that more on closeups.

Reply Sol, 16 Mar 2008

I like Ike. I can kick some serious butt with him. And when I say Chapter 7 may be long, I just mean it might go over 30 pages. But not by much, hopefully.

Reply K.K., 16 Mar 2008

I hate Ike. He's a crappy version of Roy (from the last game) cuz he's about as strong, but with less range and slower... Mebbe cuz I also suck with the Wiimote.

Sonic is growing on me. Rob, too. There are too many characters from similar games though - 3 from Starfox? (Falco is the best of them) and like... 4 from Pokemon? (Pikachu is still the best by far, and the new guy is a Mewtwo clone who isn't quite as cool)

I hope somebody else finds it hilarious that she looks into his eyes and completely ignores the fact he's got a ring of fire perpetually burning his neck

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Reply jaffar255, 17 Mar 2008

Uh...KK, Ike is WAY stronger than Roy and he has a longer reach than Roy. Only thing he DOESN'T have is the speed, which I'll grant you.

I've been mostly playing with Fox(My character since the beginning), Marth, and Sonic. I love meh some fast characters :3

Not too much to comment on about the page, since I've basically already said all my thoughts for this page on previous pages. >.>

Reply Reputator, 17 Mar 2008

I always used Yoshi.


Don't look at me that way.

Reply Sol, 17 Mar 2008

As to K.K.'s comment about the Necklace, it was implied that he told her about it on Page 18, when he said that he told her everything that had happened to him.

And yeah, Ike deals a ton of damage and has good range and decent jumping ability. He is slow, I will grant you that, but he is very good at sending people flying, and his Final Smash isn't bad either.

Meta Knight is probably my second best.

As for old favourites, Kirby was one of my best in Smash and Melee. I haven't used him too much in Brawl though.

And I'm still using the old Gamecube controller for Brawl <.<.

Reply Reputator, 17 Mar 2008

...She totally has her hand on his cheek. That's like sensual and stuff.

You sure this isn't a doujinshi?

Reply K.K., 17 Mar 2008

Ike's Charge "B" attack stabs the sword straight into the ground as opposed to swinging it forwards - that attack has definitely less range than Roy's. Frankly, I just hate Ike in general. He looks a lot like Marth, too, so I get them mixed up more than I have ever mixed up Roy and Marth.

Out of the old characters, I think Link got his power boosted. He was already a tank before, so this was a bit over the top.

Reply K.K., 17 Mar 2008

And if you think THAT'S sensual... then some upcoming pages are gonna blow your mind. Kai is about to get a visit in his dreams from an *ahem* old friend, and in the dream sequence they "join as one." You can feel the love. Mwahahahaha

Reply jaffar255, 17 Mar 2008

From KK's comment, I could so totally imagine these upcoming pages comic being an 80's pop song >.>

Reply Ninja Fox, 17 Mar 2008

My best character is Sheik (I'm terrible with Zelda =_=U). My second best is probably a tie between Samus/Zero Suit Samus and Meta Knight.

And Kai looks very, very tired. Argh K.K., you've made me want to see the next couple of pages even more then I want to now. DX

Reply K.K., 18 Mar 2008

awww, somebody rated the page a 3 T_T

@ ninja fox - BUSOU RENKIN!!!

Reply CPD, 18 Mar 2008

I am untouchable with Fox! He's my favorite.
I'm fond of Gandorf also.

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