Chapter 6 - Page 21

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Reply Sol, 18 Mar 2008

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Credits for Chapter 6 - Page 21

Kai: Reputator

Stephanie: Cheza

So yeah, a bit of an explanation to the hallucinations. Kai was expending all of his insane mental strength in keeping himself awake, and wasn't able to protect himself from tricks of the mind. Which attributed to his insanity. I hope it makes sense.

This is comic #200. Well, there's 9 pages of filler in there, but yeah. Not doing a special this time around though. Maybe at 250, the quarter centennial mark.

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Reply K.K., 18 Mar 2008

Quarter-Millennium mark he means.

I'm not particularly pleased with this page... Sol's storyboard for it was complicated, and it was hell to draw...

Ugh, I'm still up.... T__T working, working, working...

Reply Sol, 18 Mar 2008

Uhhh... yeah, what he said... I'm a little out of it <.<. At least I finished writing Chapter 7.

User's Comments:

Reply amjam, 18 Mar 2008

I initially read that as "Just have fun."

... I'm still giggling like the silly child I am.

Reply Reputator, 19 Mar 2008

WOOT 200! Drinks on Sol!!

Reply Sol, 19 Mar 2008

That could get pricey...

In response to some of K.K.'s comments earlier about Ike, I found this comic that I thought related to that :P.

Reply K.K., 19 Mar 2008

XD A little bit of bonus stuff on the next page for you guys. Well, unless Sol decides to keep it a secret and delete it.

Here's to 200. My artbooks have around that many pages, and they take me like 3 months to fill up if I'm blazing. This took substantially longer.

Reply Ninja Fox, 19 Mar 2008

Cheers! :D *raises glass*
Also, Hail-NekoYasha makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.
And K.K., stop making me go psycho waiting for more pages. D:<

Reply CPD, 20 Mar 2008

200 comics! Good for you guys!

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