Chapter 6 - Page 22

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Reply Sol, 18 Mar 2008

K.K. loves these pages Audio Track

Credits for Chapter 6 - Page 22

Soul Voices (in order): Zelahn, Reputator, Reputator, Maufii, Maufii, Zelahn.

Kai: Reputator

Aven: Sol

K.K. did a really good job with the text effects though.

In other news, for those interested, I've already started the auditioning process for the Characters in Chapter 7. If you are interested in trying out, check out this link

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Reply K.K., 18 Mar 2008

Yeah, all black pages rock. And I rock at text effects, as long as it's all I have to do XD

At some point, you do get drained after drawing, haha, so texting becomes a cut and paste job normally. This takes some work, since Sol left me in charge of Aven's voice font. It's WAY different (and currently legible - it's "Poor Richard" for those interested) compared to earlier on. Aven talks with lights in the background. He's all angel-ish.

Also, SURPRISE! This is what I was talking about on Monday. I'm sure most of you are highly disappointed. And if you aren't, go write the doushinji for it. I won't read it, but I will probably laugh at the face Sol is making while he reads this.

Reply K.K., 19 Mar 2008

Young Kai Revealed! Photobucket
I know that this page is sort of empty, so I'll give you guys a little present. I was trying to make it look like an anime concept art - I'd say it came out okay. This is Kai, before he got all cloaky. Only took like 10 - 15 minutes to do on my tablet, but I took like a good hour or so designing him earlier.

See? When he had parents, Kai had a bandage on his scar - he really stopped taking care of himself XD

I'll probably whip up a concept art of Stephanie as a kid, too, haha. Does anyone else have a feeling that Kid Kai is a bit of a troublemaker?

For those interested, he's modeled after the kid in Buzzer Beater 2007. I'm sure probably none of you have seen it.

Reply K.K., 19 Mar 2008

Young Stephanie~ Photobucket
BONUS GAME - You win a free concept art.

In this case, I'd say she's modeled a bit after Nippon Ichi's mascot, Pleinair. A little bit of Tsukasa from Lucky Star in there too - essentially, the big difference is her hair is a lot shorter, and her ribbon is now tied into bunny ears.

... hmm, either one could pass for a Kingdom Hearts character...

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Reply Reputator, 20 Mar 2008

Sounds like big things are gonna be coming up.

I think I'll retry Kid Kai's voice now that I've seen what he looks like. He seems like he'd sound more like kid Gohan than the cutesy attempt I made.

Reply K.K., 21 Mar 2008

He looks like he'd sound like Kid Naruto.

Reply CPD, 21 Mar 2008

Horay for texted pages! They're my favorite kind to make also.

Holy crap! Kai is actually smileling! Too bad it's only in the concept art and when he was younger.

Reply Sol, 21 Mar 2008

Funny you should mention that... stay tuned to Monday's page to see what I mean.

Reply Sol, 23 Mar 2008

Page 20-22 Audio Tracks have finally been done <.<.

Reply Reputator, 23 Mar 2008

eeeexxcellent. More to add to my collection. *rubs hands menacingly* >:D

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