Chapter 6 - Page 23

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Reply Sol, 23 Mar 2008

Holy crap, he's actually smiling?! Audio Track

Credits for Chapter 6 - Page 23

Stephanie: Cheza

Kai: Reputator

Yes, Kai IS smiling for the first time EVER in this comic. Sure, he's had wicked grins before when he's about to kick some ass, but this is the first genuine smile he's had so far.

Sorry the transition here is slightly wonky. This was a question Kai had on his mind way back on Page 12 of this Chapter, but had other more important things on his mind at the time. Like learning his real name.

Anyways, it was something I wanted to explain, and this was the easiest way I could without making the chapter needlessly long.

In case you didn't see my comment on the last page, Pages 20-22 Audio Tracks have been done. And this one will likely be late <.<. Mostly my fault, I'm giving absolutely no time to my VA's for this page.

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Reply K.K., 23 Mar 2008

T__T it's hard to draw him smiling. It feels unnatural.

Happy Easter, everyone~ I was drawing a bunny-girl Celene for you, but I got lazy, so scratch that.

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Reply Reputator, 24 Mar 2008

I think you nailed it with his smile.

Reply CPD, 24 Mar 2008

He should smile more often. It looks good on him.

Reply K.K., 24 Mar 2008

GIVE IT FIVES He'll probably start smiling more often. That's what happens when your traveling partner changes from a stinky goblin to a hot blonde.

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