Chapter 6 - Page 24

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Reply Sol, 23 Mar 2008

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Credits for Chapter 6 - Page 24

Stephanie: Cheza

Kai: Reputator

Cheza mispronounces Aven's name here (it's pronounced Ah-vhen), but that's OK. It was a long line.

So this is the first real mention of what the Prophecy is. Given the time frame, 3 years prior to Kai being born, it puts a lot of questions into the time frame between the Prologue and Chapter 1. Which I probably won't answer until much later in the series.

Also, the "mysterious fortune teller" is also mentioned here. It's not just some person that will never be mentioned again, it's an actual character that will appear later at some point.

I mentioned this earlier to Jaffar, but this is what I meant when Stephanie was fine with her hygiene. There's a shower in the hideout. Which means that Kai may smell half decent soon.

In case anyone was wondering, when you smell blood for so long, you tend to ignore other bad odors.

This is the last page of this particular scene. There are three more pages left in this Chapter, and they will be taking place in Hell. Look forward to it!

Oh yes, the first panel is actually available in Wallpaper format. Let me know if you'd like a copy via e-mail (as always,

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Reply K.K., 23 Mar 2008

GIVE IT FIVES I'm going to keep lobbying for 5's. Even if it's not warranted, give it fives!!! It costs you nothing and makes me happy.

It's an awesome wallpaper, but the screen size fits my widescreen, so you'll all have to crop and stuff.

She looks awesome on this page, in both scenes. Disheveled suits her, maybe?

Why would a drug hideout have a shower....

As for the blood thing, I don't even want to know how Sol knows that.

Reply Sol, 23 Mar 2008

It was made to be like a secret home where drug operations could be done.

And you can just ask me what Resolution you would like it in, and I'll re-size it for you.

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Reply CPD, 26 Mar 2008

Is that a little bit of forshadowing I see? "I'm sure there are others that can fight theese Demons." I wonder.

Reply amjam, 26 Mar 2008

I always five it to make K.K. happy.

Hope Lone washes well. :/

Reply Reputator, 26 Mar 2008

You'd think Kai would express a little more gratitude towards Stephanie for basically ripping out a huge part of his identity crisis. I remember going into this at the beginning of Chapter 6 how completely unglued Kai was, and gradually, and especially after Stephanie's appearance, my lines have been less and less dramatic. He's mellowed out as a character, and we're seeing what I think is the first real character development in the series.

And holy hell Sypher's been gone a long time. What did Stephanie tell him to get, a giant squid? :p

Reply Sol, 26 Mar 2008

*laughs* I don't think Sypher's ever gone grocery shopping before. That and he's short.

Yeah, I wish I could have smoothed out the ending of this scene a little better, but in a way it's continued on in Chapter 8.

As I said before, Part 1 was more of an introduction. Part 2 has a lot more plot and character development, but action won't be quite as frequent. There was a total of one action page in this entire Chapter :P.

Reply K.K., 26 Mar 2008

Sypher's having a problem because 1) there are no storekeepers left since the demons wiped out the city and 2) he has no money, nor pants to place that money.

And thanx for the 5~

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