Chapter 6 - Page 25

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Reply Sol, 24 Mar 2008

Meet the Generals! Audio Track

Credits for Chapter 6 - Page 25

Kratos: Sol

Spiky Demon: Sol

As the original person I had casted as Reger still hasn't sent me his lines, I decided to try doing it myself. I might create a second version later on to see what voice people prefer. If he sends them in, that is.

We're down to the last three pages of this Chapter, and they involve a meeting between the three remaining Chaos Generals. Some of you are probably already aware of the names of these Generals (especially if you looked at the Voice Acting thread for Chapter 6 or tried out for these characters), but their names will be mentioned in the actual comic next page.

Of course, Kratos, the leader of the Chaos Generals, we already know.

It should have been obvious, as is often the case in stories like this, that Splitter was the weakest of the Generals. He was still very strong, but he was better in other fields than some of the other Generals, even if they were stronger than him.

EDIT: This page has been modified slightly, so the text is easier to read.

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Reply K.K., 25 Mar 2008


Reply Sol, 28 Mar 2008

In other news, Audio Tracks for Pages 23-24 have been completed.

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Reply amjam, 28 Mar 2008

Human form?

I half-expected that word to be "Illustrious" rather than invincible =D

Reply Sol, 28 Mar 2008

I'm not entirely sure of what the "Human form?" comment was about... if it was referring to Kratos, Kratos doesn't have a Demon Form.

Reply K.K., 28 Mar 2008

and I don't think the two demons will ever be seen in human form, either...

Reply CPD, 28 Mar 2008

Nice touch with the armor. I can't wait to see a good view of that guy.

Reply Ccheza, 02 Apr 2008

I <3 your voice Sol XDD, and this page looks so awsome!

Reply Sol, 02 Apr 2008

I'm glad you like it. I would love to be a professional VA, but I don't have the time needed to attend auditions and stuff. It'd require me having to quit my job :/.

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