Chapter 6 - Page 26

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Reply Sol, 24 Mar 2008

Audio Track

Credits for Chapter 6 - Page 26

Lady Kira: Megami33

Kratos: Sol

Reger: Sol

I love this page <.<. You can tell it's difficult to get anything organized between these three.

Reger is quickly turning into one of my favourite Generals, personality-wise.

I think this is one of the first pages where I actually used a swear word <.<.

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Reply K.K., 25 Mar 2008

He means other than "damn" anyways.

I was not a huge fan of this page, since it's 5 panels, but it actually worked out quite well (extreme closeups FTW!)

I actually really like Lady Kira's design - she doesn't have a fire crown, by the way; her hair is made out of flame.

Reger's design is awesome (as evidenced last page) but he's bruuuutal to draw. Also, you haven't been able to see it yet, but he's the only general with a tail. XP

*edit: Fixed the font size to readable levels.

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Reply jaffar255, 30 Mar 2008

Oooooooooh, Kratos just owned Kira. Nice page, great emotion capturing KK. Great job : D

Also, I'm going to 5 it to make you feel good :p

Reply Reputator, 31 Mar 2008

I look forward to kicking Reger's ass. }:D

Reply CPD, 31 Mar 2008

"Bitch"! That's the worst word I've heard in this so far. Cool.^-^

Reply Sol, 01 Apr 2008

I put up the Audio Track for Page 25, but it might get re-done later. I might put up both versions, if I can get the lines out of the original person casted as Reger, and see what voice you prefer.

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