Chapter 6 - Page 27

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Reply Sol, 24 Mar 2008

End of Chapter 6! Audio Track

Credits for Chapter 6 - Page 27

Kratos: Sol

Reger: Sol

Lady Kira: Megami33

And thus the first chapter of Part 2 comes to an end. A final mix of this Chapter, courtesy of Reputator, should be available soon, which will include background music and the like and sounds awesome (from what I've heard of it so far.)

Some more foreshadowing here in regards to Kratos' plans. But is it related to his plan that he hinted at in Chapter 3, or something completely different?

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Reply K.K., 25 Mar 2008

Hmm, some artifacting on Lady Kira's face - I reused a scene, so that's kind of to be expected... still, I shoulda blurred a bit, or rendered. Whatever...

Another chapter down! This one wasn't too bad, a lot easier to draw than the others (less fights = better for me). The next chapter has some flashbacks, so consider it Naruto, but if Shippuudan came first.

Baseball's back! Happy days are here again.

Oh, if you can't tell, Reger has only one eye revealed by his helmet - the other half is covered up. I don't know why - he's crazy, you know?

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Reply Reputator, 02 Apr 2008

Sweet, hopefully Reger's VA can get back with you. I like how this ends, it puts Chapter 7 on good footing.

Reply K.K., 02 Apr 2008

Augh, we're this far already?! I need to draw more pages... T__T unfortunately, I have around 50 - 60 pages of homework to write up (Marketing and English stuff...) in the next week, so it's eating up all my time. I'll see if I can churn out a few pages this weekend T_T

Reply Sol, 02 Apr 2008

Well, if he doesn't, we'll just roll with my voice as Reger. The voice of Lady Kira should be sending me the lines tomorrow.

Reply Reputator, 02 Apr 2008

Also, don't be afraid to ask me in times like these when you need an emergency stand-in voice. I got a lot more range that I seldom get to use. :p

old voice demo of mine:

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