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Reply Sol, 25 Mar 2008

Nice Guy Pose! Now we go back... back... back to a time when he was known as Chibi Kai!


One thing you may have noticed in Kid Kai's concept art is that the scar on his eye isn't there yet, but the scar on his cheek is (although it's bandaged).

This is Kai when he was 8 years old. So, he obviously got that scar when he was pretty young. We won't learn the origin of that scar for awhile, but we WILL learn the origin of his other scar in this Chapter. Look forward to it.

Also, a character that may become popular with the female fans will be appearing in this Chapter as well <.<.

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Reply K.K., 25 Mar 2008

Lawl, I was debating whether to draw in his ears (you saw the concepts) but I dunno... it's hit or miss right now since I tend to forget them. I probably will, but I guess this time it's alright.

My homage to ROCK LEE.

As a note, in real life, scars actually DO heal (I've had a couple in my day) so really, that must've been ****ing deep for it to still be there like 9 years in the future.

Reply Sol, 25 Mar 2008

Anime scars never heal! Just look at Recca of Flame of Recca fame <.<.

There is an actual reason why they never healed though.

Reply K.K., 25 Mar 2008

Flame of Recca's was cauterized because he's a flamecaster, right?

*shrugs* by the same token, in Flame of Recca (and in most animes) they can have all their bones broken and be healed within like one poorly done montage, so I don't expect much reality ahahaha. The good shows (e.g. BERSERK) will do an awesome job showing you just how brutal injuries are.

Reply Sol, 25 Mar 2008

I don't believe that was the case... He got it from a knife wound when he was just a baby.

Reply K.K., 26 Mar 2008

lawl.... Flame of Recca... I watched the whole series in one weekend, and sadly, it wasn't as memorable as a lot of *good* series AHAHAHA

Too many bad shounen shows make it to the US just because they're shounen. They always pick shows that are really tame, too - Busou Renkin is never going to make it because of the creepy gay butterfly guy, and that's a shame, cuz that guy was hilarious in all the wrong ways.

Now we just need Gurren to come over, but I think Leeron is going to make it tough.

AUGH I need to figure out a way to afford the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya box sets. Stupid Bandai is always more expensive than buying regular anime...

Reply Sol, 26 Mar 2008

Flame of Recca anime isn't that great. The ending especially, and they essentially wrote out one of my favourite characters, Joker. In the anime, he doesn't show up until the Finals, and they skip his fight (which was awesome).

If you're going to get into the series, read the manga. It's so much better. The anime only does the first three Arcs, as well, AND they totally screwed with the ending of the third Arc, which was awesome in the Manga. There's a lot more after that. I'm a huge fan of the FoR Manga.

Reply K.K., 03 Apr 2008

I actually got myself hooked on a manga called "Deadman Wonderland." Same artist as "Eureka Seven" - if Eureka Seven was about prisoners who fight using their own blood.

Still, the best manga I'm reading now has GOT to be Ookiku Furikabutte (WINNER OF THE KODANSHA AWARD, Y'ALL). It's a manga about a high school baseball team - it was recently (and very faithfully) animated into one of the most underrated animes you can find.

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Reply Pandachu, 04 Apr 2008

Awwww ^ ^ Chibi Kai is so . . . how to put this . . . KAWAII!!!! >w< anyway, I'm excited about this chapter . . . he's smiling happily! D: and it's not an evil victory grin or anything like that, it's actual happiness . . . or something. :/

eureka seven is about prisoners fihting with their blood? I must've seen a different version. . .

Reply Reputator, 04 Apr 2008

While we're on the subject of anime, I just finished Darker Than Black, and I'm reminded of how much I hate endings in typical anime.

Reply Sol, 04 Apr 2008

@ Pandachu: No, no, he was saying that "Deadman Wonderland" is about that, and is done by the same artist that did Eureka Seven.

Reply K.K., 04 Apr 2008

Darker than Black is a POOR example of an anime, by the way. Some animes do it right (GURREN LAGANN)

Ugh, he looks alright here, but I have a bit of a rough time drawing Chibi Kai correctly often >.<

Reply CPD, 04 Apr 2008

Rock Lee was the first thing I thought of when I saw this! XD

Reply Pandachu, 04 Apr 2008

Thanks! :D I loved eureka seven . . . so I'll probrably check out Deadman wonderland, thanks! :D

Reply Ninja Fox, 04 Apr 2008

Busou Renkin isn't going to make it? Nooooooooooo Pappy! They don't love you! D':

I'm not used to seeing Kai smiling, so it's like woah to me.

Reply amjam, 04 Apr 2008

Oh yay, Kid Kai! <3 Can't wait for the flashback chapter time.

I've heard promising things about Gurren Lagann as well, but since I'm an uptight "legal-only" fan, I'm waiting till the promised website release. =D Sounds great though, I'll keep an eye out for the manga...?
I liked Buso Renkin a little, but it didn't have nearly the attraction as Ruroni Kenshin did with me. The butterfly guy did rock though. XD I'm waiting on news of World Embryo - I loved Moriyama's 'Chrono Crusade' and I hope that Embry comes over soon because I love his art style.

I STILL haven't seen Flame of Recca! So odd, because people talk about it around me quite often. I did finally get around to buying some Lupin the Third discs and the Gravitation box last week. Have to say Lupin is better than I originally gave it credit for, and Gravitation was very fun to watch, had a couple highlights, although there wasn't much to it besides your typical shonen-ai/angst/bad visual gags. I've heard the manga does better... Damn, I shouldn't have turned down that trip to Borders earlier tonight, I have a couple series I want to at least skim through.

Oh, wow, tangent. Sorry on that. Incidentally, I didn't even think of Rock Lee upon seeing the page but it does look so to me now.

Reply K.K., 05 Apr 2008

I'd give a link to D-M W-Land, but SmackJeeves is currently messing with my html coding.

I think maybe I'll go read Mirai Nikki next. I tried High School of the Dead too, but that sort of fell apart on me.

Also, Pandachu... umm, it's VERY different from Eureka Seven. Imagine if every episode was like the one ep of Eureka Seven where Renton crushes his opponent and the bloody arm is attached to the foot of the robot. It's like that, but every other panel.

"Little Woodpecker, pecking holes, your beak is poisoned, nothing but death around you..."

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