Chapter 7 - Page 5

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Reply Sol, 11 Apr 2008

New Character! And no, it's not Sephiroth... Nor was he based on him either. But I have to admit, that back look of him kinda reminds me of him.

I'm going to be evil and keep people waiting on what this guy's name is until it's mentioned in the comic.

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Reply K.K., 11 Apr 2008

the color got screwy. messed up a paint bucket, I guess. It'd take hours to fix, so whatev... text boxes more or less cover the whole thing anyways.

Reply K.K., 11 Apr 2008

Also, the character may not be based on Sephiroth, but that isn't to say his design isn't. Though honestly, his design is actually more similar to a certain angel from this webcomic.

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Reply CPD, 14 Apr 2008

Love the face expression in the background on the forth page.

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