Chapter 7 - Page 13

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Reply Sol, 02 May 2008

Sorry about the late pages lately guys and gals @_@. K.K. ended up doing Page 14 instead by mistake, and I didn't get home until less than an hour until the page was going to live, so I didn't catch it until late.

Anyways, as some people may have noticed, I haven't been that talkative lately. I apologize for that. My Aunt died of cancer suddenly recently, when she HAD been looking better. Wasn't fun news to come home to after working a 12 hour shift. I'll be attending her funeral today (Friday), so I may not get to any questions/comments right away, but I will get to them.

This page marks the first mention of the "Siske" Clan. The rivalry between Ren and Siske will be revealed in a later Chapter in Part 2.

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Reply K.K., 02 May 2008

Lousy news there.

Yeah, sorry for the lateness... I know it sort of cripples the commenters + ratings. My mistake.

Panel 3 is cool. A redux of the cover for chapter 1.

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Reply Jack14456, 02 May 2008

Again, late pages don't matter to me, as long as they get up at all.

Reply CPD, 02 May 2008

Sorry about your aunt. :(

It's better to have late pages than no pages.

Reply ienmdb, 02 May 2008

Sorry about your aunt too, Sol.

Is it just me or is Kiro's hair on panel 3 orange?

Reply K.K., 03 May 2008

... why did I forget that his hair is black...?!

Well, it's on the next page too ^^" But at least I can promise that one is on time.

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