Chapter 7 - Page 22

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Reply Sol, 22 May 2008

Running out the door, will comment later.

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Reply K.K., 23 May 2008

I didn't give Sol a lot of time to post this on time, sadly (i.e. I finished it kind of late) - my bad, I slept until like 4pm. Summer vacation, heh... any semblance of normalcy goes away as I go into full hikkomori mode.

Anyways, the doctor on this page is loosely drawn like Dr. Stein from Soul Eater. I just wanted to do coke-bottle glasses, I guess.

Reply Sol, 23 May 2008

Yeah, K.K. sent this to me about 20 minutes before I had to leave for work. Any later and the comic wouldn't have gone up until the morning. Maybe I should give K.K. the ability to put up comics himself. I just usually like getting first comment <.<.

Reply K.K., 23 May 2008

Eheh... it doesn't matter either way... if I had the ability to put it up myself, then I'd probably just procrastinate more... just that the last few comics have been rather complicated to set up. For example, on this one, Kaylee and Stephanie were both supposed to be in the top panel, AND in the 2nd panel. That seemed weird and hard to do, so it took a while to rework it...

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