Chapter 7 - Page 25

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Reply Sol, 29 May 2008

What? What do you mean the page is 30 minutes late? Not according to the release time! You can't prove anything! Muahahahaha!!!

Err... *ahem*, anyyyways, I have nothing else of importance to report.

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Reply K.K., 29 May 2008

It was 30 minutes late? I didn't notice that...

That top panel = EVIL to draw. I don't know why it felt so needlessly hard but it probably has something to do with how i hate putting a lot of people in one scene

User's Comments:

Reply CPD, 30 May 2008

Aww. Next to Sypher, Zell was my favorite character.

Reply Sol, 31 May 2008

I'm glad you like him, he's one of my favourites too. He still has one more appearance in this chapter. And I won't say too much at this point, but I usually don't introduce a character like that for no reason.

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