Chapter 7 - Page 26

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Reply Sol, 01 Jun 2008

I like this page. It kind of has a surreal feel to it.

In case it wasn't obvious, Zell left through an open window. Kai thought he heard Zell, and woke up, but Zell was already gone.

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Reply K.K., 01 Jun 2008

Panel 2 is pretty awesome.

Ghostly, isn't it? Kind of like our Third Author, haha

It's a new font. Before, I would switch fonts between the humans and the demons, but that's a lot of work, and the demon font looks nicer, so I'll just use that one for all of it.

User's Comments:

Reply Vye Brante, 01 Jun 2008

Yeah. I like it too. Especially the second panel.

. . . Holy crap there's a third author! I either forgot or didn't notice.

Reply Sol, 01 Jun 2008

That's because he doesn't actually do anything. Which is mostly my fault. I put him on the team for web design, but I have so many projects on the run right now that I never have gotten back to him about what exactly I want the site to look like.

Reply Vye Brante, 02 Jun 2008

It happens. Totally understandable. I have someone that wants to make me a layout too, but I don't know what I want so have never gotten back to them. (Kay Osse, if you didn't see his comments.)

Reply Sol, 02 Jun 2008

Yeah, just to give people a general idea of all of my ongoing projects.

I write for this comic (I'll be scrambling to finish writing Chapter 8 this week as Chapter 7 finishes next Friday), I write for Goddess Shariah, in which I'm seriously considering submitting to Tokyopop. I'm still trying to find some time on the side to write for another comic, True Nature (believe it or not, a BL/GL comic that I agreed to write for an artist). I have another couple of stories I'm working on that aren't comics (Lunar and Blood, Final Fate, The Assassin's Mask). I'm the creator and Webmaster for one of those Forum RPG's that's in Beta right now. I work 12 hour shifts, 4 on, 4 off. Oh yeah, and then there's getting the voice clips together for this comic, which I'm still behind on. I only need a few more VA's to send in their lines and I'll be good.

As you can tell, I like to keep busy. I'd probably get more done if I kept to only a few projects at a time, but I'm fickle and I like to shift gears every now and then.

Reply CPD, 02 Jun 2008

Wow, I don't know how you can be so busy. I'm more of a "one at a time", person myself.

This is the best page I've seen in a long time. Love the second panel.

Reply Sol, 02 Jun 2008

Life's too short to do things one at a time, I always say. There's a lot I hope to accomplish, after all.

Reply K.K., 02 Jun 2008

It's been a while since I got to freestyle a page...

This page has pretty much no clear lines - I don't usually sketch because I use a tablet and it's really hard to color, but I made an exception. It's nice, but like I said, the coloring takes too long for me to do it a lot.

Reply Ultima the God, 02 Jun 2008

*looks around* Hello? *echo* *tumbleweed* Where did everyone go? *starts crying* Why must most of the good comics die?!?!;.;

Reply K.K., 02 Jun 2008

T__T what comic is this guy reading... this thing is updated on a pretty regular schedule...

Reply Sol, 03 Jun 2008

Indeed @_@. We update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'm glad you're enjoying the comic, but we're far from dead. We update far more often than most comics on SJ.

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