Chapter 7 - Page 27

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Reply Sol, 04 Jun 2008

Sorry For The Late Page K.K. was having some technical problems, hence the late page. It's only just over 3 hours late though, so that's not so bad.

Kudos to K.K. for making them look a bit older than before, while still looking young. I didn't think he could do it, to be honest, so I didn't state that he had to.

This page explains a bit about Kai's education growing up. And yes, in case it wasn't obvious, Kai would go to the school after Stephanie got off to walk her home. Here, he's trying to make it sound like he's doing it for her sake, but Stephanie points out that he enjoys her company as well.

But of course, 11 year old Kai would never admit that openly.

Reply K.K., 04 Jun 2008

T__T I knew what he meant though, and yeah... I just made them slightly taller and made their hair longer, so it was tricky.

Sorry... you wouldn't believe what happened. I got an email from Sol asking for the page (because I had completely forgotten) and right then, my email account crapped out so I couldn't get the storyboard (I really should just save them to my computer... )

Then when it got fixed like an hour later, I plugged in my tablet and it refused to draw anything. I had to fiddle with my computer until that got working, so all in all, stalled longer than it would have been.

I drew an elementary school in the back. Originally I wasn't sure what I was aiming for, but now that I look at it again, I realize I drew Springfield Elementary (from the Simpsons) but with a gate ^^"

Reply Sol, 04 Jun 2008

Considering all that, it didn't take you long to get the page done, considering I didn't e-mail you until almost 10 PM PST. I'm impressed.

Reply CPD, 04 Jun 2008

Something looks diffrent about this page. I can't quite put my finger on it. Mabye it's the colors. They look more solid. Anyways, good work.

Reply jaffar255, 04 Jun 2008

Sol, just lettin' you know, I and I'd guess the rest of us, really don't care if the page is late as long as it does update on the day it is supposed to ;D

Good page otherwise.

Reply Sol, 04 Jun 2008

Haha, I know, I just like the pages going up at our scheduled time. We hadn't been late with our pages at all until this Chapter.

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