Chapter 7 - Page 28

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Reply Sol, 06 Jun 2008

I wonder how many people figured this was going to happen. After all, there was no mention of Kai's mom in Chapter 1, only his dad. After seeing Kaylee appear, I wouldn't be surprised if some people put two and two together and realized that she was going to die by the end of this chapter.

Quite the turn around from last page, eh? From a light hearted moment to a somber one. Such is life.

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Reply K.K., 06 Jun 2008

For once, it wasn't late because of me! Gahahaha!

Reply Sol, 06 Jun 2008

Haha, yeah, I wasn't home all day. I got home at around 12:20 AM PST.

The rest of the Chapter has been drawn though, so no more late pages for a bit.

User's Comments:

Reply Vye Brante, 06 Jun 2008

Oooh . . . I did kinda wonder why his mom just appeared out of no where . . . But no, I didn't realize that she was going to die. Good job jumping that on me!

Reply Django, 02 Apr 2009

Ren dojo keeps confusing me, sounds very similar to the dojo I go to. XD

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