Chapter 7 - Page 29

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Reply Sol, 06 Jun 2008

Technically this scene wasn't really necessary. I could have omitted it and kept this chapter at 30 pages, instead of making it the odd number of 31.

However, I felt it was wrong to not include it.

One thing you may notice is that it was after Kaylee's death that Kiro became a bit of a slob when it came to shaving. In Chapter 1, he looks unshaven, just as he does here, while when she was still alive, he had no semblance of a beard whatsoever.

One thing I wish I had the time to convey but didn't, sadly, was how much Kaylee had meant to the community. Another thing that was never mentioned, but I'll throw it out as a random fact, but Kiro is actually also the mayor of that town.

Kaylee was always there to support him and the rest of those who came to Kiro for help or to train under him. I needn't remind you that the Ren Clan is world renown for it's swordsmanship, and at the time, Kiro was thought to be the best in the world. Which attracted a lot of visitors.

So, yeah. Long story short, there's actually quite a few "nondescript" people attending this funeral. Hence the "Beloved By All", since all who knew her didn't think poorly of her.

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Reply K.K., 06 Jun 2008

Did anyone want me to actually draw people? I didn't think it'd be a big difference - the only character who has been recurring that isn't a) from a different town or b) unknown to Kai (supposedly) is the blonde haired kid - and other than the fact that he's been dead a few times, he seemingly has no purpose.

I added rain. I dunno if any of you can see it as anything other than a messy page though. Since it was supposed to be somber, everyone is dressed in black and it's got a very "grey" feel to the page.

This page also had no text, so I freehanded it all.

Reply Sol, 06 Jun 2008

Well, there was always the rest of the Espoirs.

Reply K.K., 06 Jun 2008



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Reply Jack14456, 09 Jun 2008

Hahhaha. It looks good, guys. I can see the rain, or at least knew it was supposed to be raining. And I really don't care if there were actual people. You got the three important ones of Kai, Kiro, and Stephanie.

Reply CPD, 09 Jun 2008

Even though the page wasn't necessary, it's a nice touch. It makes the world a little more 3 dimensional.

Reply tezzle, 09 Jun 2008

Yes. facial hair is a real good indicator when someone's not doing so hot...unless they already have a beard. :O Then it's a bit harder to tell...

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