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Reply Sol, 08 Jun 2008

I had a bit of trouble trying to figure out who to feature on this cover. I originally thought of featuring a new character that appears in it that I'm quite fond of, but I decided I'd rather have her appear in the comic first before I featured her. Then I thought of the villain in this Chapter, as Kai is going to be involved in his first real fight since Chapter 5, but I decided against it. It would ruin the moment that happens later.

So, I settled on Aven. While Aven doesn't appear in this Chapter, he gets mentioned a lot. So yeah.

Looks like K.K. experimented with something new for this Cover.

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Reply K.K., 08 Jun 2008

I experiment with something new for every cover, so that isn't a shocker.

Reply Sol, 15 Jun 2008

I should bring the forums back to life sometime. Then I could do Chapter Previews for those who don't mind the occasional spoiler.

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