Chapter 8 - Page 3

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Reply Sol, 08 Jun 2008

It's kind of ironic when you think about it. The entire journey of Part 1 lasted a month. He then ended up sleeping in a coma like state for a month after it was over. You may notice he no longer has bags under his eyes, and for good reason.

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Reply K.K., 08 Jun 2008

More cartoonish for panels 1 and 3. Panel 2 is a pretty sweet scene.

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Reply amjam, 20 Jun 2008

I like Panel 2. Panels 1 and 3 however... Somehow gag style drawings are just meh. Good thing he caught up on sleep though. How were they feeding him and stuff?

Reply Sol, 20 Jun 2008

I don't explain it in the comic, but there is a way to feed someone who's unconscious. It involves forcing their mouth open, putting food in their mouth (usually with a spoon), push and pull on their jaw to force them to chew, and (I'm not 100% sure on this part, but I know it's possible) I think you tilt their head back to force them to swallow.

Reply K.K., 21 Jun 2008

Gags mean I'm tired, so yeah... it's a rest after the big last page

I had some backlog cuz I'm really busy all of a sudden. Sol pointed out a little error the past few pages that I plan to fix next week, and I'll get back to drawing as well.

Reply Kaitousblackwings, 13 Jul 2008

Hmmmm... since most sleeping is in a coma like state, I think that was a bit redundant. ^_^; Although actually, if you put "you've been catatonic for almost a month" instead, the sentence feels a little smoother.

Lone: @_@ LOL XD

Reply Sol, 14 Jul 2008

Yes and no. Kai was in a state where no matter what Stephanie and Sypher did, he wouldn't wake up. You are technically right, but I would hardly call a person sleeping to be in a "coma like state" when usually just shaking them can wake them.

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