Chapter 8 - Page 6

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Reply Sol, 08 Jun 2008

In case it wasn't obvious from Chapter 7, Kai led a very sheltered life. There was never any snow where he came from, so this is his first time ever seeing it.

Cut Scene #1: I was originally going to have Kai comment more on this sight of seeing snow for the first time, but I decided to cut that part out. It wasn't relevant to the plot in any way, and just made the Chapter unnecessarily longer.

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Reply K.K., 08 Jun 2008

Thankfully the chapters are starting to become more uniform. It's nice that they're about the same length, though 4 panel scenes are a bit of a pain sometimes, depending on how much text Sol jams into it...

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Reply XIII, 27 Jun 2008

Calm. In a place like this that is much needed.

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