250 Comic Celebration!

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Reply Sol, 29 Jun 2008

The Quarter-Millennial Mark! K.K. thought it a little odd that I chose to use a minor character like Sarah Espoir in the 250 Comic Special. The reason I did this is because I always wanted to have this argument of Gold vs. Silver with these two characters. I was unable to do it in Chapter 7, so I decided to do it here.

It was an aspect of Sarah's character that was never truly explored (her love of Gold, that is) in Chapter 7. So I felt like showing it.

Also I find it amusing. And hopefully you do too.

And Zell, I think we all know what she means ;).

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Reply K.K., 29 Jun 2008


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Reply tezzle, 10 Jul 2008

WHOA WHOA WHOA!...He's NOT a woman?

(Ba-dum! Tsh!) ;)

Reply Hunterkirizaki, 10 Jul 2008

I really love how much your art has improved. Looking back at the second page, then looking at more recent pages, your art has incredibly improved.

Reply CPD, 11 Jul 2008

250! Congrats!
I look forward to many more pages.

Reply K.K., 11 Jul 2008

Ahaha, I think at the second page, I was still hand-drawing it, then scanning it and letting Sol color it - those were some gruesome times.

Cartoonish ones like this are fun to draw but sometimes it's a bit difficult to decide exactly how to go about it, since you need to simplify what are sometimes already pretty simple characters.

Reply ienmdb, 11 Jul 2008

It's a shame she died. She seems like a really likable character.

Reply Kaitousblackwings, 13 Jul 2008

LOL I'm with Zell, and not just because I like him more. ^_^;;

Silver is my third favorite color (1=Black, 2=White, 3=Silver, 4=Red and Blue tied) ^_^; I'm an interesting chara....

Reply Sol, 14 Jul 2008

Red is my favourite, followed closely by Silver.

Reply Gymgee, 20 Jul 2009

20 July 2009 I'm dating my comments so you know where I am at the time I write them. I got so engrossed in the story, I read 250 comics in a couple of hours without even realizing it. It's been cool seeing the evolution of Sol as a writer, and KK as an artist. Both of the TSL creators are very talented

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