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Reply Sol, 01 Jul 2008

Aven's Fate Yep. This is Kai's theory. Aven has been manipulating the events of Kai's life to help prepare him emotionally for the hardships of this war.

And Kai's not happy about it.

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Reply K.K., 02 Jul 2008

New style again. Faster to draw, slower to color. *shrug* Not much to say.

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Reply Vye Brante, 02 Jul 2008

Huh? Is it supposed to say "part" in the first panel? Doesn't seem to really make sense to me. I dunno. Maybe I'm just reading it funny.

But that's quite the theory. Maybe he's right . . . But maybe he's not. Hm.

Reply K.K., 02 Jul 2008

I literally just cut and paste it right off Sol's storyboards, so I defer all responsibility for that one.

Reply Sol, 02 Jul 2008

whoops! That meant to say "past"... Think you could fix that, K.K.?

And yeah, the typo was my fault.

Reply Vye Brante, 04 Jul 2008

Ah. Okay. Yeah, that would make a bit more sense to me.

Reply CPD, 07 Jul 2008

Ah-ha! The dreaded typo! A long time enemy of mine. Don't sweat it though. This is actually the first typo I noticed in this comic.

Cool style K.K. I like the sketchiness. It looks more fluent too.

Reply Sol, 07 Jul 2008

It's because I usually catch and/or don't make typo's <.<. Spelling is my forte.

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