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Reply Sol, 08 Jul 2008

The Painful Truth The whole time, Kai lamented about how he always seemed to be too late to save anyone. Yet, he claimed that he would never be able to beat those Demons without the Soul Blade technique. Therefore, even if he had arrived in time, he would have lost and perished long ago.

Could that have also been a part of Aven's fate? I wonder...

One thing I hope WAS made clear in Chapter 7 was that Kai was always confident, sometimes to a fault. Yet, in the previous chapters, it seemed the moment he found himself unable to win easily, he began to doubt his ability and felt he needed to absorb more souls. Was that really the case? Was it truly necessary? Stephanie doesn't seem to think so.

This scene helps Kai grow a lot more as a character and as a fighter.

Now, for news. This is our 249th comic. I mentioned earlier that we'd be doing a special for the 250th, and we are. So, no regular update on Friday, it will be the 250th comic special instead. I hope you enjoy it!

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Reply K.K., 10 Jul 2008

I did this page really fast/last minute, so I'm glad that Sol still managed to get it up on time :P

Anywhoo, I have lots of stuff to do (groan) and MOST of it is unpleasant. On the other hand, I have a few new hobbies as well, so as soon as today is over, I should see some smooth sailing for a while, to do other things (hint, click on my profile name and take a look around)

No worries, I'll get cranking on more comics this weekend, so there shouldn't be any delays.

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