Chapter 8 - Page 12

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Reply Sol, 13 Jul 2008

Kai promises not to use the Soul Blade again, but can he keep it?

There was a bunch of other things I had originally wanted these two to talk about, but it wasn't as important and I scrapped it. I may have them discuss them at a later time, which is why I won't mention anything.

God I'm tired. We're horribly short staffed at work right now, and I got called in to work another overtime shift on Monday. Luckily I have vacation coming up for my Birthday weekend (My 21st b-day is this Friday.)

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Reply Vye Brante, 14 Jul 2008

Text is pretty small . . . Kinda hard to read. Other than that a pretty neat lookin' page though. I like the little silohouttes, (or however that's spelled as I don't feel like checking right now,) and the blur in the distance. Nice touch.

Reply K.K., 15 Jul 2008

Ah, 21 years old - good times. I feel old now.

Sorry, is the text too small? I forgot what size the stupid font was supposed to be, but it'll be bigger next page, promise :P

My head is killing me - playing "FOLKLORE" but one of the spirits is friggin impossible to catch. I don't mind if stuff is hard, but it's a pain if it's just LAME and you can't do anything about it

Reply Kaitousblackwings, 15 Jul 2008

Dur..... O_o;; Lone's face looks kind of wonky on the first panel, but oh well, right?

Congrats on the soon-to-be-birthday, Sol. ^_^

Reply K.K., 15 Jul 2008

I can't draw profiles... that took me like 3 hours to get "close enough" so I just gave up...

Reply jaffar255, 15 Jul 2008

Yeah, Lones face does look a bit weird in the first panel...but I understand, I'm also REALLY bad at profiles. :/

Sorry for the long absense Sol/KK. Just got caught up, can't wait for the next page in like an hour ;D

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