Chapter 8 - Page 17

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Reply Sol, 24 Jul 2008

Oh, Snap! Yeah, the fact that the victims had no souls was a bit easier to figure out. Yes, Kai now has the ability to sense souls by focusing and closing his eyes. He could technically always do it, but he never had the ability to focus before. You know, since every time he closed his eyes he would be assaulted with mental images from the souls.

And yes, Stephanie and Sypher just fell victim to the soul sucking creature.

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Reply K.K., 25 Jul 2008

Panel 1: I don't think he looks constipated... T__T even mildly so. Augh, I can't really draw.

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Reply Ultima the God, 24 Jul 2008

Cool! Awesome! I was right! I knew that 98% of the time that vacant eyes mean 2 things,
1. Souls have been stolen.
2. Victim was knocked out.

Reply Vye Brante, 25 Jul 2008

Heh. I always knew that cameras were out to steal my soul! This prooves it!

. . . Seems to be a camera anyway. Doesn't need to be necessarily I suppose. Too bad for Stephanie and Sypher. Losing your soul ruins your whole day, I hear.

Reply CPD, 25 Jul 2008

Actually don't the amish (or some other group of people) Think that every time you get your picture taken it takes a little bit of your soul?

Reply Sol, 25 Jul 2008

I'm not sure where the theory came from, but it was the concept behind this particular villain.

Reply benjamin, 26 Jul 2008

Oh thnx a lot Idol Sol

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