Chapter 8 - Page 18

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Reply Sol, 27 Jul 2008

Prepare! For the most ridiculous villain that will EVER appear in TLS! Appearing next page!

Reply Advertisement, 25 Aug 2019

Reply K.K., 27 Jul 2008

I hope you guys like the coloring - I actually used some different opacity layers and colors to do the shading, instead of my usual "overlay and burn until appropriate" - it's a nice effect, if i don't screw up the colors...

I actually like this page a lot. I'm using a *slightly* different style than normal here, and I think it worked out well.

I just spent the past day working on HTML coding for my *other* project, and I can see VERY easily why Sol never bothers to do new layout. It's way too much trouble for the payoff...

User's Comments:

Reply tezzle, 28 Jul 2008


Reply Vye Brante, 28 Jul 2008

I like the first panel! He looks cool in the first panel. Good job, K.K.!

Reply CPD, 28 Jul 2008

I bet he's a giant camera dude. Can't wait to see!

Reply K.K., 28 Jul 2008

@ tezzle: Don't lose your head, rofl

@ Vye Brante: Thanks! I drew it completely different, since it's a copy of F/SN art instead of Rahxephon (which I had been stylizing as for a while now)

@ CPD: lol... I don't think anybody is going to guess it right.

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