Chapter 8 - Page 25

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Reply K.K., 12 Aug 2008

Sol's back, so by next comic, he'll be the one uploading them again, and commenting first. LOOK FORWARD TO IT.

...I hope somebody got that reference... it's really quite funny if you get it...

This comic was a pain to do, mainly because I had no idea how I was going to pull it off... Anyways, the only important thing that happened is that Kai's sword is stuck in the cheese - which I somehow didn't draw, despite it being the important part. >.> Somehow, it just didn't work out when I was drawing the scenes.

... a description? Well... okay, I'll indulge you, you ravenous, ravenous fans.

In the first panel, Kai bends over. In the second, he gets the heel. In the third, he is trying to avoid the camera, worried that the pictures might leak into the internet.

Lawl... man, innuendo writes itself sometimes. If you want a serious description, maybe Sol will be nice and explain what's actually going on.

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Reply Sol, 12 Aug 2008

Hahaha, nice description again.

As for the reference, either I don't get it, or it's mimicking me. I've said that line a few times, after all.

Reply K.K., 13 Aug 2008

LAYOUT! Ooh, what's going on with the site?

That's right. NEW LAYOUT. *All bow down to K.K.*

(even if I stole it from my other webcomic, it still looks good...)

I know, I know - Took long enough, didn't it? I love that new header, and my shiny blue-steel buttons.

Ugh, I still have to make a links page so that you can find Sol's and my other comics, as well as a character profile page or something... I'm tempted to make it all text and not have pictures just because it'd be faster...

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Reply K.K., 13 Aug 2008

lol... when you scream LOOK FORWARD TO IT, it's a reference to Futurama. Morbo the newscaster says it.

Reply ShadowWitch15, 13 Aug 2008

I knew what the reference ment! Nice description, wait! it might leak through? *ducks* jk, can't wait for more.

Reply CPD, 13 Aug 2008

Awesome layout! The new banner is funcken sweet too. Love it!

Reply Pandachu, 13 Aug 2008

O_O The new banner and layout are nucking futs. looks a million times better than before! :o

Reply Sol, 13 Aug 2008

Awesome work with the layout, K.K. I'll have to send you character profile info.

Reply XIII, 14 Aug 2008

Nice layout!

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