Chapter 8 - Page 26

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Reply Sol, 14 Aug 2008

One thing that may not have been clear on the last page was that Kai was flipping over as he was being sent flying. He was not running in that last panel. Here, Kai uses his hand to stop his movement and push himself out of the way of The Big Cheese's attack.

Kai comes up with a plan. What could it be?

There are only 4 more pages left in this Chapter. Luckily I finally finished Chapter 9 yesterday, which will also be 30 pages.

K.K.'s started sending me the Profile Pics for various characters. I'm currently on my work rotation, but I'll probably start working on the Character Profile page soon. We're definitely at the point where we could use one.

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Reply K.K., 15 Aug 2008

The Profile pics look a bit like the ones for FFVII in my opinion, BUT they could also be thought of as photos, so I'm in favor of calling it "The Big Cheese's Photo Gallery" or "The Cheesy Soul Collection"

You know, you stay up once to watch Olympic Basketball, and your sleep schedule is fried... *sigh* I don't know what to do with myself. I have an eye exam coming up, and I'm starting to think I'll be half asleep during it, making my prescription worse than it needs to be. And it's already pretty bad since my life consists of me staring at a computer screen.

I need to find somebody good on Soul Calibur 4 on the PS3 network... the people who are normally online tend to either a) suck, or b) be really lame and only know around 3 moves. In the end, I usually give up, pick one or two of my fave characters, and use 3 moves over and over again until they die just because they're so ANNOYING. You can tell online when I am angry because I stop rotating around the different characters like I normally do and start choosing Nightmare or Cervantes for EVERY fight.

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