Chapter 8 - Page 28

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Reply Sol, 19 Aug 2008

Yeah, Jaffar was right. It was fairly obvious though once he threw the dagger.

Only two more pages to go in this Chapter.

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Reply K.K., 19 Aug 2008

You know, it's both heroic and quite stupid to throw a dagger at the camera. There's a 50/50 shot that instead of RELEASING the souls, it just traps them in there forever. Frankly, you'd think a hero would think about that possibility before doing something reckless.

It's leaking souls!

That last line is so cheesy...

Reply Sol, 19 Aug 2008

That may be true, but Kai was pretty much out of options at that point. If it failed, he had nothing left.

Cheesy is the point! I promise the cheesy puns will end soon though.

NOTE: The Characters page is far from complete. I'd say don't click on it yet, but you probably will anyways <.<. It's my first time making a custom page on SJ, so bear with me. I'll let you know when it's done.

Reply K.K., 19 Aug 2008

It's not too bad.

Hope that those first appearance things turn into links.

Ehehe, Big Cheese's gallery... i laugh. I should make a banner...

User's Comments:

Reply Kaitousblackwings, 19 Aug 2008

The cheese!!!! It burns!!!! *gurgles *

I can't wait to see the character gallery! For some reason I think you should seperate teh "Big Cheese's Gallery" into half chara-bios and half "pics of our insane readers"
I don't know why. But I'd let him take my pic gladly. 8D As long as it would shut him up

EDIT : The picture of Sypher in the character bio page is totally made of win. 8D LOL love it!

Reply K.K., 20 Aug 2008

He's trying to eat the camera T_T

Reply CPD, 20 Aug 2008

I can't beleive I JUST noticed the character page. And I'm fairly sure I heard it mentioned previously.

Ha ha. I love Sypher's picture

Reply Sol, 20 Aug 2008

It was only mentioned that I'd be working on it soon. It just went up last night. It's still under construction though. It will eventually have every character that's appeared in TLS (even minor ones) so far.

Reply K.K., 21 Aug 2008

For anybody keeping track, blonde-haired boy who dies a lot has now appeared... 4 times? Possibly 5.

He's my stock-corpse!

Reply Sol, 21 Aug 2008

XD. To be fair, he looks older now <.<. And he didn't die.

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