Chapter 8 - Page 29

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Reply Sol, 21 Aug 2008

And thus ends the Cheese. And his cheesy puns.

In other site related news, the Character Page now has a banner, and currently features Kai, Stephanie, Sypher, Celene, Shutendoji and Kratos. It will steadily get bigger.

Also, I updated the Archive Page with a new/old banner. I say new, because this is the first time it's appeared on SJ. I say old because it's the banner we used for Archives back when it was being hosted on Comic Genesis.

The Chapter concludes on Monday. I'll be away during the weekend attending Anime Evolution, so enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Reply K.K., 21 Aug 2008

Whoa, that's an old banner... I'll have to do a new one soon... I didn't even know that the archives page could have a banner, haha. Shows what I know.

The characters page will probably grow slowly since I'm lazy and don't draw those character pictures often... >.> I'll try though.

This page was fun to do since it was so easy.

User's Comments:

Reply ShadowWitch15, 21 Aug 2008

Yay! No more cheesy puns! LOL! Can't wait for more.

Reply Jack14456, 22 Aug 2008

Yup. Saw that one comin'. Sword's stuck, can't kill cheese with your fist... eat it.

Reply CPD, 22 Aug 2008

They're like zombies! No brains, just cheese.

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 24 Aug 2008

I'm back... from the dead? Good God, now I'm REALLY lost. D8

But I could see it's getting better! Keep it up! And yeah, remind me to come back here.

It's so nice to be back. ;3;

And BTW, how DID you improve the webcomic's site? *3* I wanna learn... :D

Reply Sol, 24 Aug 2008

O.o! Witch Girl is back! Yay! I missed having you around.

As for the site's layout, it was done by K.K. I made the Characters Page though, which is slowly getting updated.

Reply K.K., 24 Aug 2008

Improvements are done by stealing somebody else's HTML and inserting my own pictures. XD Sorry, whoever I jacked the layout off of. I used your code :3

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