Chapter 8 - Page 30

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Reply Sol, 24 Aug 2008

End of Chapter 8! In case you haven't noticed by now, "Ohhhh" is a catchphrase of Nether. It's kind of hard to explain how it exactly sounds though...

So! This concludes Chapter 8. Nether's motives are still unknown, but more about her character will be revealed in the next two Chapters (at least, I hope to be able to fit her into Chapter 10. I should be able to)

Chapter Cover for Chapter 9 will be released on Wednesday. I know some people have been waiting patiently, K.K. included, for the return of the character who will be gracing the Chapter Cover...

In other site related news, I've updated the Characters Page to include General Splitter, Maeva, General Reger, Lady Kira, Aven the Avenger, Celestia the Protector, Raven the Revenger and Anubis the Manipulator. The Origins profiles also include some background information that hasn't been shown in the comic, such as how they got their titles and how they died. This will be explained in further detail, as well as more details revealed, when the Origins Story is done at the end of Part 3.

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Reply K.K., 24 Aug 2008

lulz, cheshire cat look in the last panel. I originally wanted to do it differently but that'll work I guess.

I like her hair.

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Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 24 Aug 2008

Why, how calm of her. :D

And, LOL Chersire cat smile! 8D

Reply ShadowWitch15, 25 Aug 2008

What's wrong with cliche villains?......They're good for a laugh...and a great target for ridicule and humility.

Reply K.K., 25 Aug 2008

Because it's stupid to leave hero-sized air vents in your secret hideout.

Reply Sol, 25 Aug 2008

Haha, Dr. Shiouji from Excel Saga in the recently released Volume 17 of the manga covered the reason for large air ducts in a big hideout.

"Since the duct runs such a long distance, its cross-section has to be a certain size to minimize the air resistance and pressure. It also has to be large enough to allow access for maintenance. An airflow issue might present a question of life or death."

So yeah. There you have it! The reason for hero-sized air vents XD.

Reply K.K., 25 Aug 2008

Psh. Evil Emperor Zerg had it right in Buzz Lightyear - to prevent heroism, it is best to either a) get a central air system to purify air already within the base, or b) have many small air ducts, who create enough air through sheer number rather than large size.

Having an air duct large enough for somebody to crawl through is a good way to get a hero-sized corpse in your air duct. In which case, the air ain't none too fresh anyways.

Reply ShadowWitch15, 26 Aug 2008

LAWL!!! I remember that episode!Now I have an even better reason to love the central air system corpses.

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