Chapter 9 - Page 3

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Reply Sol, 30 Aug 2008

The affectionate Kat Prowler makes her first appearance!

I think this is the first time we've ever seen Kai blush...

Well, Kid Kai blushed at one point in Chapter 7.

In other news, Zell has been added to the Characters Page.

Reply Advertisement, 16 Jul 2018

Reply K.K., 31 Aug 2008

She was originally supposed to be very different, both in my mind and in Sol's. In the end, she ended up with short hair and a fang. Actually reminds me of somebody I know, heh...

Also... >.> Zell's picture is girlier than most of the girls there...

User's Comments:

Reply amjam, 01 Sep 2008

That's because Zell -is- a girl. We all know it.

I don't like this Prrrrrrrrrowler girl. :I I don't trust her near Lone.

Reply Sol, 05 Sep 2008

Glad to see you're reading again!

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 08 Sep 2008

:D I like Lone's expression here, hehe. xD;

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